Smart Home Finance are experienced in arranging the funding for individuals who own or intend to purchase a residential property for which they let out and receive a rental income.

With a Buy to Let and Investor Mortgage, we have access to specialist lenders and have up to the minute information regarding the best interest rates available.

Buy to Let Mortgages with Smart Home Finance

Whether you are about to dip your toe into the rental market or are an experienced landlord, Smart Home Finance can help.Perhaps you are unsure of the best way to go about starting out we can give you all the help and guidance you need.

An example as to how we have helped someone who owned a property with a tenant producing rental income. Although his current mortgage payments cover the rent he thought maybe he could lower the repayments.

He contacted Smart Home Finance who reviewed his situation. Mr W also told us he had ambitions to purchase another property for rental purposes yet was not quite sure as to how to go about it. Smart Home Finance arranged a remortgage on his rental property for a deposit on his next property purchase and also reduced his payments on his current rental property by securing him a much better interest rate than he currently had.