Whether you’re buying a home, moving on or raising funds for home improvements; the insurances involved can be somewhat confusing.

At Smart Home Finance we can untangle the confusion and give guidance in an easy to understand fashion.

We can help by arranging an appropriate policy from a large range of providers including all the well-known names. This means that you have the right type of cover depending on individual circumstances.

Just as with other aspects of buying your home with your mortgage, we arrange any insurances that you need with a choice of household names.

We are an independent broker and therefore provide you with the insurance cover you need from an impartial point of view. To see the benefits of how an insurance policy can help you have peace of mind, please click on the following links.


Many of our clients wish to have insurance cover in case they lose their job so as the monthly mortgage payments are covered. We can also arrange cover just in case a serious illness occurs so that the mortgage could be paid off in full. Many of our clients have asked for the full amount of the mortgage to be covered in the form of a life insurance policy tailored to their individual needs. The mortgage lender will usually insist on their being building cover in place at the time of house purchase. Usually, it is more cost effective to arrange home contents cover at the same moment.

Smart Home Finance Insurance Services

Smart Home Finance can do this for you without you having the hassle of shopping around for the most appropriate cover at a competitive price. Although comparison sites provide a good service, not all insurances that are out there are always featured. Smart Home finance are completely independent and therefore can offer you insurance cover from the whole of the market. Just as with mortgages and home finance Smart Home Finance are your one-stop shop for insurance protection.